Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Reading

I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, and I'll need to stock up on a few good books for the beach. So tell me, what have you read this summer? Which books have you loved? What have you hated? I have some ideas, but I'm eager to hear your suggestions!

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Laura in CT said...

It has been a Dickens summer for me. I tackled Dombey and Son and really enjoyed all 800 or so pages. Then I read Oliver Twist for the first time, which I found a little too sappy; I think I prefer the more mature Dickens. A few days ago I started Nicholas Nickleby--I have very vague memories of a TV miniseries based on this one--and I am not hooked yet, but we'll see! I think Dickens is great in the summer--something about those really long classics, books you can really sink your eyes into!